Are We Taking Ourselves a Wee Bit too Seriously?

Fire Sprinkler Safety and JKF

Fire Sprinkler Safety and JKF


by John A. Viniello, President, NFSA

On the 22nd of November, 1905, 58 years prior to the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, three specialty contractors met in St. Louis, Missouri, to organize the National Automatic Sprinkler Contractors Association. John Moore of General Fire Extinguishing Company, W.G. Allen of Niagara Sprinkler Company, and George M. Myers of Standard Fire Extinguishing Company, were the founding fathers of what is now the National Fire Sprinkler Association.  (Link to National Sprinkler Safety Association)


That said, its the strength of the singleness of purpose of these organizations focused on a narrow range of issues that allow  for reform.  And from a business perpective, remember to check out these associations when researching new clients and market sectors as they will give you the perpective, language and worries of the people you want to attract as clients.

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