Stop the Jewish Stuff

Appropriate for a Jewish Holiday Card?

Appropriate for a Jewish Holiday Card?

According to this complaint (thanks Courthouse News) filed in Missouri state court Hallmark Card allegedly fired a designer who because he objected to anti-semitic acts in the workplace.  According to the fired workers complaint, the defendant asked him to make the Star of David on Jewish holiday cards yellow.  When the worker explained that this was offensive to jews because they were forced to wear yellow Star of Davids in Nazi Germany, the defendant said they would see if they got any letters.

Here is Hallmark’s statement on its workplace:

“We recognize and celebrate diverse cultures, especially as the world becomes more connected. We embrace our similarities and differences, and see them as an opportunity to help connect and celebrate with even more people. Our employees reflect this wonderful, varied gift of humanity. You can also see this reflected in our workplace practices, our diversity programs, our philanthropic efforts and our product lines.”

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