Netflix: No More Used DVDs for Sale

The way of floppy discs?

The way of floppy discs?

Selling them to wholesalers?  Increasingly the company is moving away from dvds having made deals to stream with Tivo and Samsung recently as well as LG Electronics and Roku.  See press release here.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out for Netflix.  They have no choice but to move in this direction but what made them successful was quick rentals without late charges through the mail.  They had an idea and a distribution efficiency that put them ahead.  Now what do they have?  An extensive library and a good website as well as branding and a customer list but if as the technology improves, well that be enough?  Aren’t they just a middleman that is easily circumvented?

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4 Responses to “Netflix: No More Used DVDs for Sale”

  1. Randy Wilson Says:

    Looks like some people think this is a smart choice for both Netflix and TiVo in a down economy. People will be more likely to stream than go out to the movies.

  2. L. Villarrial Says:

    Who thought halting the purchase of DVD’s on Netflix was a good idea? Worst move ever Netflix, way to go.

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    […] my previous post about Netflix, I wondered if they weren’t “just a middleman that is easily […]

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