Trade Association Thursday AeA:

Does it run Vista?

Does it run Vista?

Tech Trade Association Mergers
The Tough business environment is taking toll on this industries associations.  The largest is AeA (formerly the American Electronics Association) and it is the subject of today’s report card.

Overview: Its the largest association of high tech companies in the US with more than 2,500 companies representing 1.8 million employees.  Major industry sectors are software, semiconductors and telecommunications.
1.  Allow associate memberships?  Yes and they will work with you on your business and products description for their membership directory. As its not clear from the website the eligibility, costs and benefits, I’ll give them a “B-”
2.  Make membership directory public? Yes, though they shield revenue number etc from non-members they provide a good product and services description. “B”
3.  Active national conference? Yes, they have many national conferences. “A-”
4.  Subchapter or regional associations? Yes but website isn’t forthcoming on numbers of regional chapters but they do have specific websites for the chapters. “B”
5.  Industry reports, information, news?  They charge for industry reports but they provide key findings and statistics for free.  They also have good news releases on economic issues facing the tech industry.  “B+”
6.  Glossary of industry terms? Doesn’t appear so.  “F”
7.  What sense of the industry and the people in it?  Good information on companies and issues but most of the contact information requires membership. “B-”
Overall rating,  “B”  Rich content even if not a member but they are definitely give non-members just a small slice of their riches.

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