Craigslist Goes to Court

And in a big way, suing twelve companies for copyright violations.  Craigslist claims these companies are bypassing their security measures to post thousands of ads that interferes with Craigslists business.  For a company of 25 employees, they have certainly have some muscle, hiring Perkins Coie which is a giant and pricey law firm.

Here is the article and here is one of the complaints.  Thanks Courthousenews!

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One Response to “Craigslist Goes to Court”

  1. happyendingsdoc Says:

    I have done a documentary on Rhode Island’s legal prostitution. Every spa in RI uses Craig’s List for advertising, and it is legal. I urge everyone to take a look at the web site and trailer on youtube. See one state where the activity is legal and make a decision for yourself. Hear from the women who are “behind closed doors”. Watch the fight for and against prostitution laws.

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