Craigslist Update: Perkins Coie Turned Lemons in Lemonade

Earlier this year the Connecticut AG accused Craigslist of profiting from prostitution.  Craigslist founder Jim Buckmaster fired back that the AG was defaming Craigslist.  Now, they have kissed and made up with this wide-ranging agreement between forty states AGs and Craigslist in this crackdown on prostitution ads on the site.

Interesting history between Craigslist and Perkins.  Seems Perkins partner Ed Wes started meeting with Craigslist’s founder Craig Newmark in 2003 while Mr. Wes represented another another company Mr. Newmark had invested in.  Since then the relationship has grown and blossomed and rightly so.  Craigslist goes from being a suspicious party in law-enforcement circles to being the critical player in a far-reaching government crackdown.

Amlaw article here.

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