Hewlett Packard Notebooks Defective According to Lawsuit

Both HP and NVIDIA are being sued in San Jose Federal Court for selling laptops with faulty video cards.  The complaint makes it clear that this has been an ongoing problem but according to the Consumer Safety Practices Commission, these laptops haven’t been subject to recall.  Makes me wonder how significant this defect is.

Here is the complaint.  (Thanks CourthouseNews)

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2 Responses to “Hewlett Packard Notebooks Defective According to Lawsuit”

  1. gypsyzingaro Says:

    They are defective. HP are liars. and the suit is necessary. I have spent so much time trying to rectify this and have been rebuffed by Best Buy and HP in every which way. DO NOT buy from HP or Best Buy. They are thieves of both time and money and both companies have outsourced their support to India where a strict script is followed to frustrate and deter those who seek assisrance. What is going on that businesses think they can charge $1000s for products that last 18 months? If they are only going to last a year and a day past the warranty, charge $200, but this is ridiculous. Just because they have not recalled the products does not mean they are not defective. I encourage anyone with issues with HP laptops to google Class Action/HP. There are so many in the same boat as you. It is up to the consumer to prevent this kind of big business thievery to continue. I wish us the best.

    • Randy Wilson Says:

      Thanks for your comments and suggestion for people to keep up on class actions. Its usually pretty easy to get a settlement if you have an affected product.

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