Public doesn’t support auto industry bailout

So says this survey which doesn’t appear very scientific.    I don’t support a “bailout” but I’m willing to support a negotiated settlement that includes responsibilities and benefits on both sides.  


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2 Responses to “Public doesn’t support auto industry bailout”

  1. j Says:

    this isn’t just a bailout for the CEo’s of the corporations, this bailout would keep millions of jobs. I lost my job during this ordeal and if it weren’t for the idiots in congress that wanna teach the automakers a lesson. i’d have a job. why is there so much question for a bailout for the auto industry, but wall street was handed a huge check. it’s not right. congress talks about it being thier own fault. why didn’t congress step in before this mess and regulate spending. i blame congress and the idiot americans who think it’s their own fault because of quality. You people don’t think american made cars are high enough quality and that imports are?!?! So amer. made cars have recalls all over the news. What about the recalls of the toyota tundra and the tacoma’s frames falling apart. what about the hundreds of thousands of accords recalled. i guarantee that some of our congressman aren’t driving american made vehicles. guess what, you buy a honda, toyota or whatever that you THINK is so efficent and green…you’re aiding in ruining and weakening the economy of this country. thanks for supporting every economy but ours. i’m sure japan and china are happy to have your support though. stop being so thick headed and help the american people. the bailout will help keep millions employed and maybe the rest of us that have already lost our jobs will find work again, anyways, it’s be less federal money to give out to unemployment. do the right thing. use your power for something other than your own wants and gains.

  2. Randy Wilson Says:

    I get your point. You want a job not a handout and hope this bailout will do the trick. I sympathize with you and workers in your position. But do you think the Auto CEOs care about you? They are doing this to save their own skins and their shareholders. I’d be willing to go along way to help out workers but I don’t think we should just handout money to failed companies and to mind, auto manufacturers qualify. You and your fellow workers deserve better than working for failed management.

    Thanks for sharing even if you did call me thick-headed! I don’t take it personally. : )

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