Laid off workers fight back

In Chicago, Bank of America tells a small window manufacturing company, Republic Window and Door factory, they are getting no more credit.  On Friday, the company shuts down telling the workers they are laid off and will not get earned vacation time or insurance coverage.  The company has been operating since 1965 and I’m sure many of the workers have been there for years.  The workers are refusing to leave the plant, staging a sit-in.

How about we all help them out with a little email to Mr Ken Lewis Chairman and CEO of Bank of America letting him know how we feel about Bank of America getting $15 billion of taxpayer money while he yanks the financing on a manufacturing company and leaving the workers with nothing?


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3 Responses to “Laid off workers fight back”

  1. Blair Stevenson Says:

    All I can say Ken is that hopefully this happens to you and your family one day.

  2. Republic windows plant may re-open « Reading Tea Leaves by Randy Wilson Says:

    […] decades experience working with the company without severance, vacation or other benefits back in December.  However, they successfully fought back and negotiated a favorable deal but weren’t able to […]

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