Thrifty Rental sued for 47 cents

Car renter claims that the company overcharged him on a license tax by 47 cents.   But its a class action filed in Clark County Superior Court and the plaintiff claims this is happening every day so that Thrifty is making out on its miscalculation.

Is this really a good use of class action litigation?  Its really a question.  I do think that where regulation is non-existant or lax, this type of lawsuit acts as a disincentive for companies to gouge their customers but given the expense and bother involved, I’m just not sure I think these kinds of suits make sense. 

For me, I want a major public policy to be involved; protecting children, the elderly, or toxic torts, egregious corporate behavior but along with lawsuits, this is one I question.  Thoughts?

Complaint courtesy Courthousenews

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