Trade Association Thursday:Groceries

With the announcement this week of a new president and CEO of the Grocery Manufacturers Association and with our focus on the food industry, this seemed the perfect candidate for today’s association report card.

Overview:  represents the world’s leading food, beverage and consumer products companies.

Associate membership?  Yes and also affiliate membership as well.  Have to call to find out membership price. “B”

Membership directory public?  They provide the names of members but link out to their websites.  “B-”

Conferences and events?  Not clear that they have a single national conference but they have several large conference along with workshops  “B-”

Subchapters? Doesn’t appear to have them.  “D”

Industry reports, information news?  Excellent for full reports, news items and public policy concerns.  “A”

Glossary?  There isn’t a single glossary but the Food Supply Chain Handbook had a list of acronyms.  “C”

What sense does it give you of the industry?  I don’t think the association’s messaging is super clear.  They don’t feature a single mission statement on the website and instead cover a range of issues that makes the association’s priorities and direction somewhat unclear.  However, unlike the organic food association, this one doesn’t waste time with consumers.  It is very focused on the industry and providing a wealth of information about the grocery industry issues and workings.  “B”

Overall:  Very information rich website.  A great resource.  “B+”

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