Retailer Association’s eternal optimism

Here’s the headline:

Average Person Has Completed Far Less Holiday Shopping Than in Previous Years,”

A couple months ago when it was clear things were turning real bad, they released a survey that suggested people would be only slightly more stuff this holiday season than last year.  My reaction was, really?   During the worst downturn in seventy years, people are going buy more plastic junk than last year?   With the headline above, I think they are still living in denial-land.   I hate to break it to you National Retail Federation but people aren’t waiting.  They aren’t gonna buy as much, period.

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One Response to “Retailer Association’s eternal optimism”

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    […] that people wouldn’t be increasing their holiday spending as much as anticipated.  Then they reported that people were “procrastinating” in making their purchases.  They haven’t […]

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