Trade Association Thursday: Beverages

Drink up!  Today’s report is on the American Beverage Association:

Overview:  American Beverage Association represents more than 220,000 workers selling products worth more than $110 billion and includes hundreds of brands such as soft drinks, bottled water, juice drinks and the like.

Associate members?  Yes and also allows for international affiliate members.  No pricing on the website.  “B-”

Public membership directory?  Lists active members but doesn’t include company overviews or contacts.  However, they do make that information available for associate members.  “B-”

National conference?  Yes, every two years they have a conference called “InBev” which is attended by thousands.  Just basic information available on the website.  “C+”

Subchapters?  No sign of them on the website.  “D”

Industry reports or news?  They don’t list their publications but do list other industry publications.  Very little industry news.  They focus on environmental and nutritional issues.  They also provide a few flash pages about the various types of drinks but its hard to use and aimed more at consumers than industry folks.  “D”

Glossary?  No.  “F”

Provides a sense of the industry?  Not very good.  The association’s public website appears aimed at consumers with whatever real content they have for members shield behind a firewall.  “D”

Overall:  Not very useful for research purposes beyond knowing categories of beverages, the names of the industry members and more detailed information about suppliers.  “C-“

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