Charter Communications get lowest customer service rating

Not just among cable companies but ALL companies according to a survey of Forrester Research.  The survey of 4,500 consumers found Charter Communication at the absolute bottom of the 114 companies surveyed in a dozen industries.  Here are some of the highlights:

*It ranked 111th for its TV service with a score of 40 out of 100.

*It ranked 114th for its Internet service with a score of 32 out of 100.

*In a category ranked “enjoyability” it ranked 20 for TV and 16 for Internet service. Again this is out of  a score of 100.

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5 Responses to “Charter Communications get lowest customer service rating”

  1. Pat Lux Says:

    Charter com employee soliciting at my door and when I told them I was not interested they went to side of house and CUT my Dish Network cable. Had to call Police, they would do nothing.
    I had never been a charter customer and have been with Dish for 4 yrs.
    I called numerous numbers for charter (all over the country I suppose) and spoke to well over a dozen “supervisors” and they all said someone will call me back. That was the sat before Christmas. I called charter as recently as this past monday and was again told I would hear from someone in 48 hours. Not a call!
    Their employee vandalized my home and they are doing NOTHING!!

  2. S. R. Says:

    I do not have a complaint file number, however I have been stricken with Charter being the only broadband/cable provider in my area.

    First I started with their internet service. This ended up leading to numerous support calls. It all ended up with the same tech support solution: restart your router and modem. I am not technically ignorant as I have ~8 years of IT support under my belt to include a BS in Comp. Info. Sys. Nonetheless, ended up using their all-in-one modem/wireless router and the service still sucked. So I return their equipment and purchase a $200 wireless gaming router.The service worked great for 5 days then I had to place another service call, and another and another. Finally I became friends with a Charter onsite technician who quadruple checked all of the outputs and made adjustments as necessary. All is mostly well.

    So I decided to upgrade to digital and HD cable services. Since then there have been numerous interruptions/outages due to “upgrades/system maintenance.”

    Charter has this issue with hiring inept administrators who apparently do not have the first clue about updating trunks, hubs or fiber. They tend to update/upgrade (so they say) their infrastructure without having some sort of bypass or backup system in place. Therefore all services, mostly broadband is interrupted for however long it takes them to pull their butt out of their head.

    In the end, their service sucks and tomorrow I will cancel the digital/HD service but keep the broadband due to the fact that I do a lot of business through the internet.

    Someone should place a class-action against them for the crappy service. On top of that the best they will ever do is credit me for the amount of outage time. Hell I just might place the class action lawsuit.

    Thanks for reading, if you did. If not I am sorry for your loss.

    Respectfully to all except Charter,


    • Randy Wilson Says:

      It would be nice to think their filing for bankruptcy would be sweet justice but really who will lose? Customers who will probably get even worse service. Thanks for sharing.

  3. A Edgar Says:

    I’m stuck with Charter as well. I called to set up an appointment for a tech to come out to my house to make connections for TV and internet. I waited, and waited, and waited, and, well, you get the idea. No one ever showed. I called, and the person I spoke with said the order was still open and that the tech is probably running a bit late. So I waited some more. I had to be somewhere in 30 minutes, so I called again. This (different) person was totally inept! Couldn’t even find my address to find the order! I finally hung up on her after 10 minutes of her grumbiling and asking me all sorts of stupid questions (Did I have this under my social?” Social? Social what? “Social security number.” Of course not! That’s when I told her I had to go and I would call again. Ninety minutes later when I returned home I called again as still there had been no one there (at least no notice on the door stating they were there). This time I talked to another person who right in the middle of our conversation transferred me to someone else. I was talking to Brenda and then suddenly Melissa was on the line. She finally found out that the tech had visited a house at 10:55 a.m. and that the male occupant did not want service. The tech was suppoed to be at my house between 1 and 3 p.m. Why was he showing up hours before scheduled? And I’m a single female with no male in the house. Who was the “he” he spoke to? Obviously, this tech came to the wrong house and talked to the wrong person and at the wrong time. After 20 minutes (15 on hold), we finally got is straigtened out and recheduled. Will see if anyone actually shows up this time.

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