Gov violates own privacy laws according to lawsuit


According this class action lawsuit filed in Illinois Federal court, violated FACTA which requires that vendors not print the last four digits of the purchaser’s credit card.

Complaint courtesy Courthousenews

Happy New Year!  (Probably won’t post again until the 2nd.)

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One Response to “Gov violates own privacy laws according to lawsuit”


    My husband and I are suing for Wells Fargo to “PRODUCE THE NOTE” defense and trying to get Wells Fargo to simply Modify our loan and Interest Rate to “FAIR MARKET VALUE”. The Banks, Wall Street, and Lenders got us all into this mess and we feel has caused us and millions to lose their homes. We paid on time every single month for over 2 years on a home we’ve worked 36 years to purchase! They need to MODIFY all Loans caught up in this nightmare to not only save Families their homes but to help maintain the Value of our declining Subdivisions across the country.

    Jennie Morgan
    Las Vegas Nevada

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