Model sues Google over slur

Model Liskula Cohen didn’t like being called a “skanky superstar” by an anonymous poster on Google’s Blogger service and she wants to force the company to reveal the culprit.

Guess she doesn’t mind these slurs getting out all over the Internet.


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4 Responses to “Model sues Google over slur”

  1. Blockbuster DVD Rentals Says:

    There are so many bloggers, to try to go after one is a little extreme. There are probably 100 more that repeated the slur when reporting this story.

  2. google user Says:

    then she really wont like what i call her i just looked her image up as i have never heard of her
    and to be quiet honest she is not a pretty lady.
    skank is not what came to mind i was thinking more Mud Duck.
    it is a sad thing for her but people can still have opinions and mine is she is not model material she is not pretty at all

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