Hilton hotel sued for drenching wedding guests

The story is a good one; hotel sprinklers wet down a wedding, ruining the couples’ perfect day and the couple’s $20,000 spent on the wedding will now, if they have their way, cost the hotel $300,000.  But even better are the quotes from the participants.

The bride, Svetlana Orishchenko, says, “”I was the princess and this was everything I could have wanted.” 

“We made sure of everything, I even asked them if there were generators in case the power went out. But the sprinklers?”

The hotels’s attempt to mitigate the damage wasn’t enough according to Mrs. Orishchenko, “for ruining the dream she’d since she was ‘a little girl’.”

However Svetlana’s next quote may dim her monetary prospects. 

“I can’t say it ruined my wedding. Nothing could have ruined my day, I felt the worst for my guests.  I had people who were soaked from head to toe.”

Perhaps the hotel owner had the last word:

“Ten employees went out there with towels … we offered to take dresses
to the cleaners, anything,” Nicotra said. “This is black-
mail. They just want a free wedding. They want to take us
to the cleaners.”

Judge Judy where are you?


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