Craigslist scam watch: I got a house for you…

In honor of the Presidential Inauguration, I am starting a new series called the “Craigslist scam watch.”  In our new Internet and now recessionary economy, I think all us Craigslist users need to be on alert.

Today’s scam comes courtesy of Crime

Libra Latham would scan Craigslist ads looking for houses for rent or sale in the Orlando area and then post ads for the same houses but at lower a price.  When someone showed up, she would pose as a rental agent and make phony rental deals and take off with the cash. 

How Libra was caught:

After law enforcement had received complaints of the scam, they devised a trap for Libra.  After she had shown a house to a suspicious viewer who complained immediately to the police they set up another viewing of the house that same night and as Libra executed the phony rental agreement, the investigators waiting nearby came in and busted her  (Sounds like a great Cops episode).

Contact Sergeant Virgil Ford or investigator Chuck Lee at (386) 668-3830 if you suspect you were victimized by Libra.

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7 Responses to “Craigslist scam watch: I got a house for you…”

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  2. Jason Says:

    Don’t be fooled with online scams, they really sucks! I got a lot of e-mails every now and then telling me some sort of winning but actually will scam you if you’ll attentively reply to them with your personal information.

  3. Michel Says:

    Is this a real scam too?
    I get this a lot in my spam folder

    Subject: Make Money from Home on Craigslist

    Good day to you! Please, read the following story!

    Nowadays, when the world iconomic crisis has come upon our country too, people are looking for some good solutions to earn good additional income or to start some trusted own business. If you are one of these people, we have the right solution for you – for the first time now, the Craigslist Kit is offered as a free trial, to people who are interested to join the millions, who are making lots of money on Craigslist.

    And it is given now for free, but the time of this offer is limited! If you want to take advantage of this free trial of the Craigslist Kit, which is still available(not for long), please send an answer to so we can send you back more details on how to order and receive your Free Trial Kit.

    The supplies of the Craigslist Free Trial Kit are going fast, many people are ordering this free trial, so be fast in your answer, so we can proceed further.


    the Craigslist Secrets’ Manager

    • Randy Wilson Says:

      I think so. It “free” but there are “details” on “how to order.” Also, the lack of simple spellcheck, “iconomic” makes me very suspicious.

  4. Michel Says:

    iconomic = internet economic or
    apple economics 😉

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