Petland update: more protests & counter-charges

Letters have been exchanged between the Humane Society of the United States and Petland.   The central charge relates to USDA reports of puppy mill breeders.  The Humane Society says there are links between the breeders and Petland while Petland says that these breeders are on their “do not buy list.”  Stephanie Shain who lists herself as the director of the “Stop Puppy Mills Campaign” wants the company to meet with her before January 30th and the company says it wants to review all the evidence before meeting with her.

Article and letters linked here

Meanwhile, another Petland protest is planned in Pensacola Florida for February 14th.

Detail here

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One Response to “Petland update: more protests & counter-charges”

  1. Petland protest update « Reading Tea Leaves by Randy Wilson Says:

    […] The Humane Society of the United States did an investigation of puppy mills and pointed a finger at Petland.  There have been letters going back and forth between HSUS and Petland but I don’t find the HSUS website helpful in keeping up on this issue.  I found out about the letters through a local newspaper and posted about it here. […]

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