Now police post sex ads on Craigslist

Update:  Fallout from prostitution arrests:

*Dennis Martin, acting president of the Conestoga school board is forced to resign.

*Darren Bates, President of Omaha’s firefighter union has been put on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

So let me get this straight.  The cops put up a sex ad on Craigslist and bust a couple high profile people who have or may lose their jobs based on this sting operation.  How is this a good thing?


Its one thing for police to answer sex ads to bust folks for prostitution but now they are running their own ads to bust people?

I have a small frame with lovely curves. I am playfull and seductive, teasing and tantalizing until you just .¤.¤. well, you’ll see.”

And with that ad, the Southwest Iowa Narcotics Taskforce snag six men including a school board president, attorney, firefighter and school teacher.   The police claim this isn’t entrapment because the ads don’t explicit mention $ for sex. 

“They can’t initiate a conversation leading to an offer,” Flood said. “They need to be coy and allow the buyer to describe what they want.”  Though they did list, $150hh and $250fh but hey, that could be for window washing!


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