Hit & run in Lowe’s bathroom stall

The plaintiff suing in Florida state court, entered the stall and was about to sit down when somebody swung open what the plaintiff thought was a locked door, resulting in him falling “back into and against the toilet.”   He alleges that this accident was a result of the faulty lock on the Lowe’s stall and that his injuries include disfigurement and mental anguish from the accident.  And the culprit?  He didn’t stick around long enough to leave his name.  Perhaps he had urgent business to attend to. 


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2 Responses to “Hit & run in Lowe’s bathroom stall”

  1. gary Says:

    It’s more like a sloppy rounded tab-and -hole. These easily defeated devices pop out to save structural integrity and billions in annual repairs. Bathrooms look nice instead of you inching around bent -jagged-metal. Not good.

    But we could remind him, be cool. Over react much? That kind behavior will Kryptonite all but the noisiest and hottest of jobs. One click and permanent web history.

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