Most outrageous lawsuits of 2008

The Stella awards have been announced.  Who is Stella you might ask?  She is Stella Liebeck, the woman who sued McDonald’s in 1992 for burning herself on McDonald’s coffee that was too hot, getting nearly $3 million as a result.  The awards were established in her honor in 1994 for those lawsuits that seem too ridiculous to be true but aren’t.  Here is sampling of this year’s winners:

*The woman who threw her drink into her boyfriend’s face and subsequently fell on the floor made slippery by her drink and injured her tailbone.  She successfully sued the restaurant for $100,000 plus.

*A man suing his dry cleaners for $65 million because they lost his trousers, claiming mental anguish, inconvenience and distress.

*The woman who is suing the nightclub that she sneaked into through the bathroom window of, because she fell and broke her two front teeth for $12,000.

*Another woman is suing a store where she tripped over a toddler and broke her ankle.  The toddler was her own and she won an award of $80,000.

More outrageous awards:

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