TD Bank sued for gift card dormancy fee

Toronto-Dominion Bank and related entities are being sued in New Jersey state court on a class action basis, for allegedly deceptive practices when they issue gift cards.  Despite the clear “Good Thru Date” stamp on the gift cards, the gift card agreement fine print allows the bank to charge a “dormancy”  fee if the card is used after a certain date but before the “Good Thru Date” stamp.

Complaint courtesy Courthousenews

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4 Responses to “TD Bank sued for gift card dormancy fee”

  1. michael e. berman, Esq. Says:

    Hi there Randy: I saw your write-up on the TD Bank gift card litigation. I am Michael Berman, Esq. — one of the attorneys on the case. I hope you are well. I write because we are always looking for additional plaintiffs who were harmed by way of the deceptive practices described in the Complaint. If you know of anyone who would like to “sign up,” please let me know. Anyway, have a great day.

  2. Randy Wilson Says:

    Thanks Michael! You might want to post a url or email address so interested parties can contact you directly.

  3. michael e. berman, Esq. Says:

    If you purchased or received a TD Bank or Commerce Bank gift card(s) (or have been harmed by other deceptive business practices), I can be reached at my email address, Thank you.

  4. George Says:


    I am reposting the below link to this thread as well. Here is a link to several pending class actions relating to pre-paid cards and gift cards.


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