Social media Saturday: making it easier

Who has the time and what do I say?

There is the blog, the microblog, Linkedin, Facebook, Digg, twitter and so much more.  How can anyone person devote time to engaging with all of these outlets and what is there to say?

Stream blog content to multiple outlets

Most of the major sites allow users to upload or stream blog or other content into a profile page.  For some of them, its automatic and some provide ways to control the content.  For example, I automatically stream my content into twitter.   I benefit from flowing any content into that site and I think people benefit from timely content.  For LinkedIn, I’m more selective.  I tag the blog content I want to stream into my LinkedIn site.  I want my content  to be more professionally-oriented so I like having the option to pick and choose what I include.

What do I say?

I decide that when I blog.  What is my niche?  What do my readers care about?  What I do care about?  I’ve decided for this blog to include a mixture of topics; some things I find interesting and aren’t particularly popular but that’s okay.  I don’t want to just include material that you find on any blog.  But I also post about weird or popular topics within my range of legal, business and social media issues and try to add a thought or perspective to the discussion.

Not Set in Stone

I have a pretty clear strategy – for now.   But it will change.  I will learn new things and experiment.  I’ll make mistakes (I already have) and take a risk or two.    And I want to keep it fun.

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