Minneapolis City Website

City of Minneapolis


Transparency:  City council meetings are easy to find from the home page.  There is a link to City Council agendas from a pull-down menu from the “City Council” link.   However, the videos of the meetings aren’t integrated with the agendas.  You find those once you select the City Council meetings when you click on “Watch your government in action!”  “B+”

Feedback:  From the home page there is a link called, “Report issues and complaints” which lists about 15 drop-down choices including abandoned vehicles, cable service, potholes and graffiti.  Unfortunately, the online reporting form has several screen and it isn’t clear how many are involved or how many questions have to be answered from the first screen.  “B”

Richness of information:  From the home page you can click on “Business” and get to a link for “building permits online.”  It tells you what kinds of permits you can get online and how to set up your account etc.  But its not so easy to find out what permits you can’t get online or where to go for a comprehensive list of building permits and related issues.  “C”

Transacting business:   Its clear from the “Business” page where to go to find out information about business licenses.  They don’t allow you to get a business license online but unlike the business permit page, they clearly spell out what you need a license for and what you don’t.  “B+”

Overall: The City of Minneapolis has easy and clear navigation.  I never struggled to find out where to go for information and the site is well-integrated.  They do allow a user to perform some functions online but using those features could be easier. “B+”

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