Sports equipment association report card

National Sporting Goods Association

Overview: The National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA) is a trade association serving retailers/dealers/wholesalers, manufacturers, and sales agents in the sporting goods industry since 1929.

Associate memberships? Yes, its possible to join in a variety of capacities. A

Makes membership directory public? No, but they have an extensive new product directory. B+

Active National Conference?  Yes, they have mulitple conferences and they provide lots of detailed information about them on their website. A

Industry reports and news? Yes, they provide extensive information; statistics, research newletters and much of it is available free of charge to the public.  A

Glossary? No D

Good view into the industry?  Yes, they provide extensive industry research, press releases but no public advocacy. B+

Overall: Excellent website with lots of information about the sports equipment industry.  If I needed to find out about this industry this would be one of my first stops.  A

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