Fake attorney advertised on Craigslist

Jake Collette of Portmouth New Hampshire advertised on Craigslist offering a full-range of legal services.  Only after the state of New Hampshire sued him did admit engaging in unauthorized practice of law.


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4 Responses to “Fake attorney advertised on Craigslist”

  1. Jake S Collette Says:

    Greetings, This is NH’s Fake Lawyer writing in, I thought some readers may be wanting to acquire some real news rather than a bias release from the Attorney Generals Office. (what ever happened to journalism anyway)

    You see, I have never represented myself as anyone with education leaning towards a law degree. I have never claimed to be a lawyer and in fact most of my clients trusted me more as a result. I have never taken power of attorney or filed an appearance on anyone’s behalf. I have only helped Pro Se litigants representing themselves and all of my craigslist ads were extremely poignant in this respect.

    Before I continue I should bring to the forefront that I have been constructing legal documents since I was 18 years old and have had them checked over numerous times by lawyers who approved my construction as “airtight” and “impenetrable”.

    After I became significantly acquainted with NH marital law I offered to help some friends who could not afford an attorney to file some documents etc. They did very well in court and told their friends who wanted my help etc. I eventually (In order to keep helping these people) began charging for my services. First $40 an hour then $60, then $100.

    These might seem like high hourly rates for someone who was not educated in the subject to be charging, but that’s just it – I was very good at developing and managing this kind of civil case and my clients were all winning and getting exactly what they wanted. In fact the apposing party’s council would almost always begin to copy my scratch written content so as to not under provide for their client, whom trust me was getting a lot less for their money. There are still absolutely no damages created by me rendering legal services!

    It is pretty clear that when an attorney charges $387.00 for an apearence that they have typeset and I build one from scratch at $100 an hour and my bill is only $2.50 that there is somthing very fishy going on here!

    All of my craigslist ads shed some of this type of knowledge on my readers and worked wonderfully as a marketing tool (because it was true).

    My services were not reported by a previous client but by an out of work attorney, Peter Smith (Dover) who could not stand to see this unbiased light shinning in his unethical and over billed neck of the woods.

    I am happy to make myself available to anyone seeking an interview with some ability to publicize the information- there is a wealth of knowledge that supports my case and unfortunately diminishes New Hampshire’s standing as they have been violating constitutional law for many years now- equal justice for all is a term that I feel very invigorated about and I hope most others will join me in my fight for non bias liberties for all Americans and world residents abroad.


    Jake S Collette

    jakecollette@hotmail.com for interviews and publicity only

  2. Jake S Collette Says:

    Oh- and Im not from Portsmouth, I live in Peterborough…

    • Randy Wilson Says:

      Hi Jake, thanks for replying. Could you post one of your Craigslist ads? That would make it clear how you represented yourself. Obviously lawyers protect their own and maybe that was going on here. Regards, Randy

  3. Jake S Collette Says:

    Sure Randy, Here is an example that I dug out of my old craigs account circa 2007:

    Complete Legal Services for those wishing to represent themselves Pro-se’ in marital matters concerning CUSTODY, SUPPORT and ESTATE.

    Legal documents, advice, motion/petition, strategy and more.

    The average time for custody and divorce matters to reach fruition is estimated at 1.3 – 2.4 years before resolution. Can you afford the $10,000 to $50,000 that it will cost to retain your lawyer throughout that process?

    I have never failed a single client in nine years, getting everything they have asked for and more.

    Even in high conflict cases I require only a modicum of standard legal fees and have logged a very significant reduction in resolution/win time.

    Example: One of my current clients asked his lawyer (from a well known practice in Manchester) to file a withdrawal and relinquish any documents in his file (a request in letter form, written by me and signed by him). His lawyer did file the withdrawal but has yet to return his much needed case material- His lawyers bill for the withdrawal = $387.00, My bill for my clients appearance pro-se’ = $2.00, I actually over billed for this item and rounded up from the $1.50 that was sanctioned for my minute and a half of time. Keep in mind that both the “Appearance” and “Withdrawal” are the very same form available in PDF format online, you simply check appearance or withdrawal and type your name and address.

    This trend is becoming increasingly popular as the general public’s knowledge of the law goes down. Many lawyers’ graduate at the bottom of their class and come to NH because its like shooting fish in barrel, there are just so many divorces and custody disputes in relation to crime and state matters that pretty much anyone can set up a home office with their New Hampshire Bar Association plaque and take in clients the first day. These cases get drawn out “almost mutually” by apposing council and result in an overload of “billable” hours and paperwork for the courts and clients alike.

    I started doing this to help out friends who were being over billed for inadequate representation. I did very well and they told their friends who told theirs and eventually I had to begin charging for my services as it was taking up a serious amount of my time.

    Initial consultations are free and all services are $60.00 an hour after that.

    Collette Advocacy – call if you want what’s best for your children ….You!


    Every one can see I’m sure why this got negative attention from NH’s Bar Assoc. and AG office.

    I however, got a very positive response from the public who had been relinquished of their funds in a legal yet misleading and ineffective setting by actual members of NH Bar.

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