Online pharmacies must now provide one in-person evaluation

“Online pharmacies no longer will be allowed to fill prescriptions for controlled substances without proof of at least one in-person evaluation between a patient and the prescribing doctor, according to new Drug Enforcement Agency regulations implementing the Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act.
     All pharmacies that want to dispense controlled substances over the Internet also must register with the DEA and provide full disclosure on their Web sites of the states in which they are licensed to dispense and the professional qualifications of their pharmacists.
     Each pharmacy also must include a warning that it only will dispense controlled substances based on a valid prescription issued to meet a legitimate medical need. ”

Courtesy CourthouseNews

If enforced, this could curtail much of the online pharmacy business.

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2 Responses to “Online pharmacies must now provide one in-person evaluation”

  1. courtin emily Says:

    My Son was prosecuted 3 yrs ago for owning a pharmacy online. It’s alittle hard to take seeing they now have a Law! Wasn’t this a Free Country? This has ruined my faith in this country.

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