Two more failed banks

Great Basin Bank of Nevada, Elko, NV

American Sterling Bank, Sugar Creek, MO

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One Response to “Two more failed banks”

  1. Pravin Says:

    2 more banks failed this week.

    50 banks failed since 2008, 25 each in 2008 and 2009 till now.

    Friday means FDIC is in action on some bank.

    Last week also FDIC closed 2 banks.

    “American Sterling Bank,Sugar Creek, MO” and “Great Basin Bank of Nevada, Elko, NV” were closed on Friday making the count to 25 for this year and 50 since start of 2008 for the failed banks in US.

    # 25th bank to fail this year
    # 50th bank failed since 2008
    # 5th bank in Nevada since 2008 and 2nd this year

    Check the list of all the failed banks at :

    And on google map see where the banks are failing at :

    Also layoff tracker at :

    Do check it.

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