Lawsuit: Western Union holding onto unclaimed $

“Western Union makes millions of dollars from money transfers by failing to inform senders if their money is not claimed, or waiting for “several years” before telling them, keeping the interest, and charging extra for holding the money all that time, a class action claims in Federal Court.”

Complaint courtesy Courthousenews

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6 Responses to “Lawsuit: Western Union holding onto unclaimed $”

  1. victorino cardenas Says:

    western union held moneyfrom for 5 years and we believe they still have more of our money from quick collect we use to do

  2. jackson Says:

    Yes, they still have quick collect payment monies that belong to me. They sent me a letter about it 2 years after my bill payment was not posted. I followed the instructions on the letter and later made more phone calls, but still have not received the monies. Supposedly after a certain amount of time the monies are held by the state. What state?? Their headquarters state, my state? Any suggestions. I contacted the states department of treasury, they were of no assistance.

    • Randy Wilson Says:

      I would start with your state’s consumer affairs division. If there isn’t one, check with the state attorney generals office and they should be able to direct you appropriately. Good luck!

  3. ed Says:

    After my daughter failed to get the money I sent her, I was promised a refund within 5 business working days after going through countless hours of getting passed around. After a month, I still didn’t get a refund. I touched base and went through the same gruelling ordeal of being passed around from one person to another and each differs from the other. They will also put me on hold until the waiting expires. I contacted my bank and they could not do anything about it.

  4. Thomas Says:

    if you had gone back to the agent that you place your western union transfer witrh and if they were good business people you would of have refund ina matter of time. once tghe qucik collect is sent it the company that get the payments fault if they dont post yr payment

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