NY state worker stole taxpayer information

As if we need any more disincentive to pay our taxes:

“Walter Healey of Troy, N.Y., spent at least two of his 22 years with the department stealing taxpayer information, according to investigators. “The New York state Attorney General’s office says Healey worked in a Latham office of Taxation and Finance where they scanned in Social Security cards and birth certificates, and he used that information to apply for at least 90 fraudulent credit cards and lines of credit worth more than $200,000,” Fox23News.com reports. Healey allegedly even used information belonging to his late mother, his sister and a 4-year-old boy.

Department investigators were tipped off by a co-worker who thought Healey was acting oddly. Working with the attorney general’s office, investigators eventually found hundreds of pages of tax forms, documents and credit card statements in Healey’s home. “They also discovered approximately 2,000 Post-It notes with the Social Security numbers of New York taxpayers handwritten on them — many of them accompanied by handwritten notes such as ‘good prospect,’ ‘had money’ and ‘go with this one,'” according to a release from the Attorney General.

The attorney general’s office is working to contact victims, while state tax officials are notifying more than 2,000 individuals across New York whose information was accessed”


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