Scientology protest turns ugly in Nashville

Not just happening in Riverside CA anymore:

“A protest at the Church of Scientology in Nashville led to pushing, shoving, an arrest and the whole thing was caught on tape.The tape, protesters said, proves they were assaulted and bullied by security guards for no reason.

 A Middle Tennessee State University student doesn’t want his name revealed after what happened on April 25 at Nashville’s new Church of Scientology on Eighth Avenue. The man is in a group called Anonymous that protests Church of Scientology The tape, protesters said, proves they were assaulted and bullied by security guards for no reason. ”

Article (link to video included)

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16 Responses to “Scientology protest turns ugly in Nashville”

  1. Nashville Assault Blog Action - Why We Protest | Activism Forum Says:

    […] Nashville Church of Scientology security broke laws during protest | TN Atheist – Scientology protest turns ugly in Nashville Reading Tea Leaves by Randy Wilson Comments open. Left a Body Thetan for dead? Left the Body Thetan for another? Man is kind […]

  2. Tom Newton Says:

    These bullying tactics are a disgrace! I sure hope this young man will pursue every legal avenue possible to him as this is not the way to handle opponents.

  3. Tom Newton Says:

    The “Anonymous” cyber-bully collective is provoking these incidents in order to give their hate agenda the appearance of being legitimate. Only credulous morons believe these punks.

    They are just as crazy as some of the other activist groups to utilize the tactics of “Leaderless Resistence,” just as the KKK, and several of the Animal Rights Extremists. Don’t fall for it.

    Tom Newton

    • Tom Newton Says:

      to bad i wasn’t there i wanted to show to support my fellow anons also i heard all charges against him were dropped wow more toms

  4. Lacie Says:

    The true face of scientology shining through.

    Oh and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers with family in the so-called church they have not been able to contact due to the mean-spirited (and rampant) disconnection policies of scientology. I don’t know how the senior officials can sleep at night. David Miscavige is Chairman of the Board, I would like to hear his comments on this and other matters.

  5. AnonymousWhiteKnight Says:

    Hey Tom,

    BTW, Just wanted to let you know, the charges against that protester in Nashville have been dropped.

  6. Tom Newton Says:

    I agree Lacie.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all moms who have children who were forced to disconnect from them. My heart broke for the mother of that man seen running in circles around a palm tree in the desert heat yesterday. I can’t imagine that a punishment which consists of running around in circles is more important to the cult than spending the day with his mom. It breaks my heart.

  7. Gary Brookes Says:

    I agree with Tom Newton.

    This is an obvious and relatively standard extremist tactic: Become an activist, then turn into a nuisance in order to get arrested. Martyrs make the newspapers. Any intelligent person can see through this.

  8. Tom Newton Says:

    All charges against the protester have been dropped. Freaking cult – what do you have to say now?

  9. Tom Newton Says:

    Extremist tactic by the cult is more like it. Anybody that shows the cult for what it is, is a target. Glad to see that this young man who was protesting against the evils of the cult will not face charge. Why? He did nothing wrong!

  10. Jennifer Says:

    “All charges against the protester have been dropped. Freaking cult – what do you have to say now?”

    Of course they were dropped. It was a STUNT. They toe the line. Professional Anti-Scientologists know exactly how far to go.

    They don’t call it the Anti-Scientology Racket for nothing. If “Scientology” was “Destroyed,” the Professional Anti-Scientollogists would be out of a job.

    Anonymous are just dupes. Pawns…credulous morons. Project Chanology is unfettered dorkery.

  11. Concerned Parent Says:

    Don’t mind the Tom Newton using the bold letters and Gary Brookes. They’re the same person and a scientologist.

    Also, do NOT go to tom’s website, epicnoseguy. It contains a bunch of spyware in order to track down people to stalk them.

  12. AnonymousWhiteKnight Says:

    Mr Randy Wilson, is it possible for you to do something about this Tom Newton guy with the url He’s having a conversation with himself. He’s done this several times on other blogs. Maybe you have some sort of way to change the name on the comment, or edit the comment to note that it’s the same person, or even IP ban that person because he’s obviously here to harass anyone who questions scientology.

  13. AnonymousWhiteKnight Says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention that Tom has posted under the names Jennifer and Gary Brookes.

  14. Tom Newton Says:

    And he is the one typing in bold. Before you go Tom, here’s a link you may find interesting: Remember, it’s OK to doubt. Rather than go around spewing nonsense on every board you find, try doing some research on this cult you spend your time defending. You may find some interesting facts.

  15. Common Sense Says:

    Jennifer Wrote:

    [b]> Of course they were dropped. It was a STUNT. They toe the line. Professional Anti-Scientologists know exactly how far to go.[/b]

    Professional Anti-Scientologists? That would imply there’s some sort of money changing hands. According to your church Anonymous is being paid by the big “psych” companies to stay in business.

    The reality of the situation is that the big psych companies have nothing to fear from Scientology. The reason? To date there is not one scientific paper published by Scientology or the late LRH to prove Scientology does anything. Not one.

    Why is it so hard for Scientology to produce this material? I mean, wouldn’t that be the answer to instantly converting millions? Prove that it works during measured experiments and I’ll be singing the praises of Scientology.

    Oh right. I forgot. It’s all part of the conspiracy. Scientifically proven facts are somehow censored by the psychs. However, all the silly CCHR pamphlets that you produce aren’t. That’s what they tell you right?

    [b]> They don’t call it the Anti-Scientology Racket for nothing. If “Scientology” was “Destroyed,” the Professional Anti-Scientollogists would be out of a job.[/b]

    What job? I have yet to be paid for anything. Is this another silly story you have been told by the church? FYI I’m a database engineer, who makes quite a bit of money. I don’t need (nor want) another job.

    In the CoS, you’re told that you cannot doubt. Doubt is bad. However, to rational and intelligent people understand that doubting is actually very good. Take the scientific method for example, which is based on doubt. If people took everything at face value, we’d have junk science in our system. Doubt allows people to critically evaluate what’s being said. The scientific method that has been developed is the primary reason people enjoy the standard of life they have now. It’s also what allowed LRH to perform his research, publish his books and have his ulcer treated.

    Jennifer, I’m going to issue you a challenge. Can you name any paper that Scientology has produced that has passed peer review? If not, can you show any piece of LRH research that has spurred on any sort of scientific advancement in our society? Failing that, can you show any paper where Scientology is listed as a reference tied to a FACT.

    If this cannot be done, how could any sane, rational and intelligent person take anything that LRH has said at face value?

    I find it very, very suspicious that despite LRH claiming to be a nuclear physicist the method in which he writes his books are decidedly unscientific. No facts, no independent validation of what he’s saying.

    Turn your brain on Jennifer.

    [b]> Anonymous are just dupes. Pawns…credulous morons. Project Chanology is unfettered dorkery.[/b]

    How am I being duped? Let me tell you my story.

    I was about 22 and I walked into Scientology where I got my personality test. It showed I was below average intelligence. Now I know this wasn’t true because I had just recently had my IQ tested.

    But I said “Whatever, it could be that the person made a mistake evaluating it.” I was then asked to buy the Dianetics. I declined as it was rather pricey. I went home and looked on eBay. Wow, all the basic books for $50 bucks, deal!

    The books came in and I was happy. Started to read dianetics. My first reaction to the book was this.

    “What the f is this nonsense.”

    I was in disbelief. The claims in this were extraordinary. And as we all know, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. But there was none. Just appeals to the person.

    I read the rest of them. Back to front. Complete and utter nonsense.

    Now, I know what you’re going to say…

    “Well, if you’re studying Grade 3 math and someone presents you with grade 9 math, you’re not going to understand it.” This is faulty logic.

    It’s not that I didn’t understand it. I KNEW it was complete and utter trash. Based on the absolutely ridiculous claims of History of Man, the idiotic layout of the tone scale and the simply bad advice given in “problems of work”.

    Let’s take a moment here for an intellectual exercise. Lets say that you Jennifer are walking down the street and there are two churches beside each other. We’ll call them Church of Humanity’s Last Chance and the Church of the Last Chance for Humanity.

    Both claim that they have the absolute answer to save mankind and that everything else is a complete waste of time.

    By what method would you employ to figure out who is correct and who is not?

    The answer is that you look at each side’s content and critically analyze them. You say “this is wrong with this group and that is wrong with that group.” The end result is that you decide one of the churches is correct or you decide they’re both nuts.

    Scientology has this relationship with Psychology. Instead of investigating the validity of the religion above, we’re investigating the validity of mental health treatment.

    So, I as an individual investigate.

    On Psychology’s Side:
    – Medical doctors who have devoted seven years of their life to learning about human physiology.
    – Double blind medical trials conducted by people for and against a specific drug.
    – Scientific papers that have been vetted through the scientific process.
    – References in their papers to already established scientific fact.

    Scientology’s Side:
    – Claims by LRH that it is evil. No explaniation given.
    – Charges that psychologists do bad things, because obviously the intent of the people invalidates the science behind it.
    – Graphic and shocking material to convince people that they’re right.

    Yeah, I’m going to go with Psychology on this one.


    The bottom line here is that Scientologists are the dupes and morons. They do not critically analyze what they’re told and accept the words of LRH as law.

    Not only are they not shown any evidence that Scientology works, they are told that they are not allowed to investigate why not as this is “doubt”. Only a half-wit would buy such a story.

    Jennifer, you’re not intelligent, you’re not ahead of the curve. You’re way behind everyone who’s recognized what sort of nonsense this is. You have been scammed.

    But the sad thing is, you don’t have the mental strength to even consider the possibility that you are wrong.

    Whereas I have.

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