Comments about working at Petland

No way to verify accuracy of comments but they are interesting nonetheless.

Do not shop at Petland. They buy sick puppies. I use to work there and while I was there I have seen say six people purchase a puppy and five bring the puppy back because they are sick. I have also witnessed the kennel manager looking at puppy mills online and purchasing puppies from them.I quite and because I quite they held my check and lied about the reason why…then they were suppose to pay me one amount per hour and when I got my check they had cut the pay and the amount of my check.  The store manager Tom is a coward who could not even come out the back and speak to me regarding my pay or the reason I left.The employees talk about the customers so bad and they also talk about one another behind their backs…I was singled out and did not get the perks all the other employees received and some of them were just as new as myself..They did not pay me my commission for sales I made and even though I sold a puppy they gave the credit to someone else, even though she came back a few days later and said the vet told her the puppy has a cold and had to leave him in the store…customers think they are being cared for and they are just being put in a secluded room being checked on every blue moon..The puppies are only sprayed down with a pet freshener spray even after sitting in their own poop……nobody really trained me…and this guy that came from the head office followed me around the store as if I were a criminal.when he did not speak to me, thought it was because he was just quiet but he spoke with everyone else…I had customers even tell me right out they did not want me to help them can I find someone else or they would ignore me and go to another employee..I am a hard worker. I’m married.I am not on welfare and I’m in collage.I know there are racist everywhere but I don’t understand what I did to deserve that kind of treatment..Mainly from coworkers and the managers…I mean why hire me if you don’t want me there…It just really sucks and I don’t know what to do or even how to deal with it..It really hurts that it is 2009 and people are still that way…”


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