Nationwide mortgage loan scam sweep

“Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz, joined by California Attorney General Jerry Brown, [Wednesday] announced Operation Loan Lies, a coordinated national law enforcement effort to crack down on mortgage modification scams. The operation involves 189 actions by 25 federal and state agencies(1) against defendants who deceptively marketed foreclosure rescue and mortgage modification services. The FTC actions, which affect consumers throughout the nation, are being announced in southern California, where the scams originated.”


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  1. Nationwide mortgage loan scam sweep « Reading Tea Leaves by Randy … | The consolidate school loan Says:

    […] domestic accumulation enforcement try to fissure downbound on mortgage change scams. More:  Nationwide mortgage give cheat running « Reading Tea Leaves by Randy … Posted in Performing Arts | Tags: attorney-general, chairman, federal-trade, involves-the, […]

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