Charter Communications outsources call centers

“Until a few years ago, many people were very satisfied with the customer service provided by Charter Communications. In fact, even when something went wrong, the customer service representatives (or at least their supervisors) were able to handle any nearly any issue that came up…

While there is still a Charter Communications corporate office in St. Louis, area customers won’t generally reach a local representative when they call in.  In fact, a St. Louis customer is more likely to reach one of Charter’s outsourced call centers, currently located in Cainta, Philippines; Panama City, Panama; Mexico City, Mexico; Laredo, Texas; Moundsville, West Virginia; London, Ontario; Trenton, Ontario; Kamloops, British Columbia; Amherst, Nova Scotia; Winnipeg, Manitoba; and Brasília, Brazil…

One St. Louis customer, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that she spent four hours on the phone with Charter’s representatives to resolve a billing problem. The main issue, she said, was that five of the seven people she spoke to during that time seemed to be literally reading from a screen and didn’t seem to comprehend the problem she was trying to explain, most likely due to their limited understanding of English.”


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