Insurance may not cover chinese drywall

“From the point of view of the homeowner, these claims will not likely be covered by homeowners property insurance. And, to the extent that the damages are not covered by the general liability policies of builders, subs, and distributors, homeowners will incur devastating out of pocket losses.”


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2 Responses to “Insurance may not cover chinese drywall”

  1. Lisset Says:

    State Farm denied my Chinese Drywall claim. I also filed the warranty claim that the builder gives you. That was denied as well.

    Meanwhile, my publicly-traded builder, Standard Pacific, has done nothing to help us. They won’t even say anything at this point. Shameful!

  2. What insurance companies cover include gastric bypass or lap band procedures? Says:

    […] Insurance may not cover chinese drywall « Reading Tea Leaves by … […]

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