Chinese drywall trials could begin in 6 months

“U.S. District Judge Eldon E. Fallon, who is overseeing the consolidated lawsuits over Chinese drywall, has indicated he intends to move the litigation forward quickly and the first trials could begin in six months.

All federal lawsuits filed by homeowners throughout the United States over damages caused by defective drywall imported from China were centralized and consolidated on June 15 in an MDL, or Multidistrict Litigation. The cases were assigned to Judge Fallon in the Eastern District of Louisiana for pretrial litigation.

While it typically takes more than a year for the first trials to occur in complex MDL litigation like this, Judge Fallon intends to fast track the first trials, referred to as “bellwether” trials because they are selected to be representative of issues that will be presented to juries in other cases involved in the litigation.”


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