Woman sues college for job search failure

“According to the sources, the enraged woman is seeking to recover the $70,000 dollar she had spent on her tuition during her stint at the college. She was supposedly pursuing a career in Information Technology.

Reacting to the lawsuit filed by Trina, the Monroe college spokesman Gary Axelbank said that Ms.Thompson’s lawsuit was completely baseless and without merit. Trina Thompson, the ex-student of the college who had received her degree in the month of April said that the college’s Office of Career Advancement did not provide her with any kind of guidance regarding her career.

She reportedly said that the college failed to provide her the career advice that they had promised, which misled her completely. It seemed that she blames her college for the sole reason of her not getting a job. “They have not tried hard enough to help me,” said Trina about the college in her lawsuit. Trina’s mother said that her daughter is quite annoyed at the situation as she had “put all her faith” in the college.”



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One Response to “Woman sues college for job search failure”

  1. Hannah Says:

    All I have to say is this woman shot herself in the foot. Now why would any one hire her? She has a 2.7 average and will probably sue if she doesn’t get promoted. What is worse is her mom is encouraging this behavior.

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