Consumer agency could recall Chinese drywall

“Late this month or sometime next month, several government agencies are expected to release the results of their investigations into homeowner complaints of drywall imported from China containing corrosive elements that have damaged homes and occupant health. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, agencies could issue a recall of drywall imported from China if a significant electrical, fire, or health hazard is found to exist in homes built with the product. Some builders have stepped up to correct bad drywall installations, while class-action lawsuits are being developed to seek restitution for affected homeowners.”


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One Response to “Consumer agency could recall Chinese drywall”

  1. maggie rogers Says:

    I have been remodeling a home and part of it smells like sewage or rotten eggs. Who are the people that have been selling Chinese drywall. I want to track this down. Thank you. Maggie Rogrs

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