Twitter for lawyers: all hype?

Recently Sysomos did a survey of Twitter users and found not surprisingly that 85% of new twitterers posted fewer than once a day and that 5% of twitterers were responsible for 75% of the traffic.  This suggests that there has been lots of curiousity in Twitter but only a small subset has adopted it.  So is it a waste of time?


I don’t think so.  This blog post automatically gets posted to my Twitter account.  I don’t even need to go there.  Because of the type of content I post, I mostly get requests from followers interested in social media and legal marketing and practice issues.  I spend a couple minutes a day reviewing potential followers and selecting those people I think make sense for my niche. 

I have more than 250 followers and I’ve done virtually nothing except stream these blog posts to my Twitter account.  Do I use Twitter to its fullest?  No.  But at no cost to me except the time it takes for me to blog and review followers, I have developed a niche community.  A few times a week I look who I am following and get ideas and useful links from them that I can use to further develop my expertise and share with my followers. 

So I have a small community and a basic familiarity with the service and if and when I decide to expand upon my Twitter presence, I will be able to do a lot easier than someone who has rejected it out of hand.   FYI: a good resource for attorneys who tweet is:


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