ABA Law Firm Marketing Strategies Conference in Nov.

I don’t think I can attend but there are a couple session, I wish I could go to:

Small Firm Track: Utilizing The Internet for Small Firm Marketing – How to Maximize Websites, Blogs, Social Networking, Directory Profiles and Other Aspects of Web 2.0
Our panel of attorneys who are on the cutting edge of internet marketing will discuss how a smaller firm can use the internet to compete with Big Law. Learn how you can use simple tools to optimize your exposure and show off your expertise on the Internet.

Moderator: Steven Silverberg, Esq., Conference Chair, Silverberg Zalantis, White Plains, NY
William W. Bowser, Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP., Wilmington, DE
Tom Mighell, Fios, Inc., Dallas, TX
Greg Siskind, Siskind Susser, P.C. – Immigration Lawyers, Memphis, TN
Tim Stanley, Justia, Inc., Mountainview, CA

Niche Marketing
Lawyers are constantly hearing that they must differentiate themselves from the competition, but what does that really mean? As your firm pursues a “cottage” market segment, consider some guiding principles on how to successfully target and exploit your niche.
J. Manly Parks, Duane Morris, Philadelphia, PA

Conference info:

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