Marketing strategy involves risk – necessarily

This is an excellent article entitled, “7 Reasons your marketing plan doesn’t work,” by John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing.  I’m quoting from number 7 which I think is the hardest fact for people to face; a marketing strategy is full of guesses so make sure you build in constant review of your efforts.  For lawyers, this uncertainty is what give marketing a bad name.  How can you committ to something you aren’t sure will work?  Because the alternative of doing nothing is worse.

“7) Guess again

People don’t want to admit it, certainly consultants don’t, but a marketing plan is a set of guesses, hopefully based on some knowledge, but no matter what, you need to commit to correcting the course.

I suggest that you meet at least every six weeks to renew your questions, assumptions, results, goals and objectives with an eye on using your flexibility to make real time adjustments based on real time results.

The main point is that you commit to a schedule so that your plan never has a chance to decay. There will be things that work better than expected and those that don’t, but having a group, or even all staff, check-in on the marketing twice a quarter you can keep it alive and driving while you make the adjustments to take advantage of new found opportunities.”


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