Legal dust-up over Twitter

Larry Bodine and Kevin O’Keefe get into it over Twitter’s value as an online social networking too (here and here).  My take is that they are fighting over the wrong thing; a tool rather than a process.

The question to ask is how to create an effective and efficient social networking strategy to enhance your business development efforts.  Secondarily the question is, does Twitter have a role to play in that strategy?  The answer is emphatically, yes.  That doesn’t mean if you have 100,000 followers you will make oodles of money representing those people.  However, the odds are good if you have that many followers, a few of them may contact you but your social networking strategy shouldn’t be focused on attracting a mass following.

Instead, your strategy should be focused on building your brand, expertise and visibility.  Social networking including Twitter is a great and cost effective way to do that.

Tip: utilize streaming capabilities embedded in most social networking sites.  These tools allow Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook to stream your blog content so that your content gets disseminated in many places all at once including Twitter.

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