Why employers shouldn’t ban Facebook

Apparently, this is pretty popular among employers of whom an estimated 76% have banned employee use of social networking sites.  Here are a couple arguments against this approach.  One, giving breaks to employees to check their profile has been shown to reduce stress and increase productivity.  Second, the use of Facebook and other social networking tools teaches employees how to post content, upload files and communicate effectively in a web environment.


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3 Responses to “Why employers shouldn’t ban Facebook”

  1. selwynuy Says:

    While Facebook can be useful at times as are other social networking sites, alot of it I find is dependent on the maturity of your employees.

    In my small company of 15 people, 13-14 are responsible enough not to abuse it but even with 1 or 2 people just abusing it, we had to shut it down during working hours and allow facebook only during breaks.

    When you have your staff playing facebook games for 3 hours during the day, management is forced to take action.


    • Randy Wilson Says:

      Hi Selywn,

      That approach is becoming more common; providing breaks for employees rather than outright banning. Its sees like a lot of work to remember to turn access on and off during working hours but I guess that works for you. Randy

  2. selwynuy Says:

    Ah, its no trouble at all. Our system administrator already have that worked into our server already. So its all automated.


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