What lawyers should know before meeting a prospect

Alexis Martin Neeley provides a helpful post about preparing materials before meeting with a prospect.  She is definitely right about the importance of being prepared before the meeting.  However, I have heard people say that its better to prepare materials after the meeting because then you have a better idea of the client’s interests and concerns and because it provides a natural opportunity to follow-up with the prospect.

I think it depends on the prospect.  If they know nothing about your firm, an introductory brochure is useful as a takeaway.  

However, I would also suggest attorneys learn about the prospect.   Who do use for their outside legal work?  Do they spread the work around or do they only have a couple go-to firms?  What’s going on with the prospect’s business?  Do they post a mission statement on their website?  How much do they focus on diversity and charitable work?  Are they facing a huge lawsuit or are their rumblings that they might be facing litigation?

These questions will help attorneys to key into the mindset of the prospect to make them feel they are talking to people that “get” them.

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