Blog & email blasts: coordinate your efforts

Too often social networking and email communications are seen as separate efforts, silos that compete rather than complement one another.  This is more reason why having a social networking and online marketing strategy is important.

Example:  I blog about legal issues related to social networking.  I’ve posted about lawsuits filed against Facebook and have found there is huge interest in the topic.  Say there a significant ruling in one of these lawsuits I’m following and I email my contact list about it.   In the email I post a link to my blog so that folks to track breaking news about the suit.  

Subsequently, on my blog I can alert readers to an in-depth review of the lawsuit by signing up for my email blast.  Furthermore, I post significant news items from my blog to my website home page.  This way people who see the item on my homepage can visit my blog and see the value of signing up for an email alert.  People from my contact list and blog can visit my homepage and learn more about my legal practice.

This is the power of social networking: tools that work together to build awareness and offer clients and prospect value about issues they are following.

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