Lessons from CA state bar “e-circles”

California State Bar setup a social networking site for attorneys called “e-circles.”  The interface looks very professional, it is easy to use, to  setup a profile, make announcements, join other groups, post job opportunities and guess what?   It gets very little use.

How do I know? 

There are no posts in the last months for any of my discussion groups.  The largest groups have membership in the scores.  The most popular profiles have links with a few other attorneys.  And the potential pool of participants is over 200,000 California attorneys.

What does can we learn from this?

* “If we build it they will come” is no way to build a social networking site. 

*Everyone needs to have a strategic approach to social networking. 

*Determine the benefits for yourself or your users to engaging in specific social networking activities. 

*For the California State Bar, make it a forum that makes the MCLE process easier for attorneys.  Trust me, that would generate traffic.


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