Facebook: no pregnant women in G-string photos!

If you are applying for an associate position at a law firm, the photo in the attached article should not be posted on your Facebook profile.  However, if you are a professional dancer, it’s a different story.  Why Facebook cancelled Cherry Currin’s account based on a photo of her pregnant self in a G-string is perplexing.


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One Response to “Facebook: no pregnant women in G-string photos!”

  1. sergv Says:

    I have found that when I say, “Can I touch your belly then?” people say sure! So I have just become really mean about it. When a hand comes near my belly, I grab it and move it away. I also don’t understand when people ASK if they can touch my belly and I say “no”, why would they ask me why and get upset? If you really wanted to touch my belly, why didn’t you just go after it instead of asking a yes or no question where you have a 50/50 shot of getting an answer of “no”!

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