Top 10 attorney blogging mistakes

Here is a link to a good list of “not-to-dos” for lawyers who blogs from Cordell Parvin.

It wouldn’t be my top ten list but then we all have different priorities.  Here is mine (most comments apply to all business blogging).   I hope someone picks up on this and create their own list.

1. Failing to reading other legal blogs – successful and not so successful – before embarking on your own blog.

2. Not practicing blogging before launching a blog.  What if you spend time and money announcing your blog to the world and find out you don’t have the time to do it frequently or at all?  That’s embarrassing and damaging to your professional reputation.

3. Neglecting to think about how your blogging fits into your overall marketing efforts and determining what you want to achieve with your blog.

4.  Sounding like a legal treatise.  Give your blog a personal voice and approach.

5.  Letting your blog content stand as a silo.  Integrate your blogging content into your other social media outlets, your website and beyond.

6. Ignoring feedback and being unwilling to change your approach as you go.

7. Only blogging when inspiration hits you.  Make blogging a habit like brushing your teeth. 

8. Not engaging legitimate commentators who read and respond to your posts.

9.  Failing to own up to any factual mistakes when you are alerted to them.

10.  Posting on the hot story after its become old news with nothing new to say.


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