Think before creating LinkedIn company profiles

What I learned when trying to setup a company profile on LinkedIn:

1.  You can’t use gmail, yahoo or the like as your contact email for a LinkedIn company profile.  While this is probably a vetting tool for LinkedIn to make sure that a company profile is legitimate, for small businesses that haven’t set up such an email website domain, this is problematic.

2.  LinkedIn doesn’t make it easy to remove a profile once it’s created.  If you are a small operation and you might either go back to full-time employment or merge into another small business, LinkedIn makes it difficult to remove a company profile.  In the email they sent when I inquired about this, they wrote: “I have received your request to remove a Company Profile however this is usually a request that is only granted in extreme cases.”

3.  Don’t create a company profile on LinkedIn without seriously considering that it will not be as easy as clicking on a “remove” button should you change your mind.

4.  LinkedIn doesn’t provide much guidance about the business considerations for creating such a profile in its FAQ.  This seems like a no-brainer.  Questions like what, “what are the benefits of creating a LinkedIn company page?” and “What size companies should consider creating such a profile?” come rushing to mind but not to LinkedIn.

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2 Responses to “Think before creating LinkedIn company profiles”

  1. Trish Says:

    I WISHED I’d read this wisdom BEFORE creating my company’s profile. However, I THINK I have been able to edit it in my favour. This will only lead LinkedIn to known as a source of MIS-information… which, I feel, the deserve for not allowing deletions when/where necessary.

    Thanks for posting this. I shall be warning others!

  2. beyound words Says:


    thanks fr the inputs from your end, i m facing similar probs with company profile on linkedin.
    but yea..only editing is a solution to it…

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